Why Choose EJA

Families Choose EJA as their school because....

  • Ephesus Junior Academy is the pace setter for Christian education in Central Virginia, with committed teachers and small classes.  
  • Ephesus provides a rigorous curriculum with Standards of Learning.
  • Ephesus provides a caring and safe school environment.
  • Ephesus develops the whole being mentally, spiritually and physically. Throughout the challenges of a demanding academic curriculum, and a stimulating spiritual emphasis, students are motivated to attain high academic achievements.
  • From Kindergarten to Eighth grade, communicative arts, mathematics, and science are very much a part of the student's world. At EJA, special emphasis is placed on developing a strong self concept and Christ-centered identity. Through Bible instruction and practical applications, students are taught to be of service to God and their community                        


 What I like About My School...


"I like that I feel comfortable around my teachers and school mates."  Channing


"I like that I get to meet new friends.  There are a lot of things that I get to learn like math and spelling.  I like my teachers."  Jaliya


"What I like about my school is that we give love to each other, and the teachers give us new things to study and learn so that we can be smart."  David


"I like that I have friends to play with.  I enjoy doing math and I feel loved."  Teon