School Activites


EJA students participate in weekly chapel. There are a variety of spiritual and enrichment presentations designed to enhance the learning experience. Attentive, courteous conduct is expected. Students must be in "dress wear" for chapel. Parents and visitors are welcome.


Student Photographs

Each child is photographed in a single pose in the fall and spring. Photo packages are available on a prepaid basis. Students may also be photographed with their classes in the fall.


Field Trips

Students attend several field trips throughout the school year. These trips are inclusive of community service, music performances, curriculum specific, and play productions.


NJHS (National Jr. Honor Society)

In accordance with guidelines established by the National Jr. Honor Society, students who have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 will meet the academic requirement for eligibility for the National Jr. Honor Society. Those students who meet these criteria will be given an NJHS application Form. EJA teachers will evaluate and select the applicant based on the NJHS application form in the areas of leadership, service and character. An induction ceremony is held in the second semester of each school year for all students who have been selected for membership.

Additional School Programs:


 · 4-H STEM Program 

 · Test Prep. Courses 

 · First Lego Robotics Team

 · Physical Education 

 · Art 

 · Choir 

 · Spelling Bee

 · Vegetarian Lunches